Thursday, April 09, 2009

Movie Title Mania

After putting Rachel down for a nap, Sarah asked if she could watch a movie. I told her she could, then she asked me if I had "Barbie Diarrhea." I started laughing so hard that Sarah said. "Mom, it's not funny. Barbie Diarrhrea is very serious." So there you have it. . . Barbie diarrhea is very serious stuff.

FYI, the title of the the movie is "The Barbie Diaries" and we haven't actually seen it, there's just a preview of it on one of our other movies.


DeAnna Welling Packer said...

Can you believe what children say! What a darling bunch over there!

Leslie said...

Hilarious! I guess I am happy we have no "Barbie Diarrhea" at our house...ever.

Michelle S said...

ha! that is a great one. my boys would probably call it that on purpose.

your girls are so cute in their dresses!