Saturday, July 29, 2006

Go Greased Lightning!

Today I promised myself that I would write something absolutely darling that the girls did to show that they are not always rambunctious hooligans, which they aren’t, but I’m afraid that rather than doing something cute or clever, today my little Elle-belle turned her cold cereal into confetti, decided that birthday suits are best, and the coup de grace (or should I say coup de gras) thought it would be a good idea to audition for the cast of “Grease” as one of the T-birds complete with Vaseline-slicked hair. My poor daughter’s scalp is now as red as her hair from all the cornstarch and soap I have used in a failed attempt to de-goop her.

I must blame myself for her hair experiments, though. When I was pregnant with Ellie, I told everyone I was going to name her “Beauticia," and I fear that might have been some bad karma. :)

By the way, it is worth double clicking on the image to get the full effect of the Vaseline!

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