Thursday, July 27, 2006

Water, Water Everywhere...

I think I must have a mischievous sprite living in my house, because I don't think it is humanly possible for one child to move as quickly as Ellie does. As I was getting Sarah up from her nap, I heard a crash out in the hall, and came out to find the contents of our first aid kit scattered on the floor and Ellie precariously perched atop two stacked chairs. I ran over to the closet, pulled her from her perch and reminded her that medicine is not for little girls. Since it was lunchtime, I sent her downstairs to wait while I cleaned up the contents of the spilled kit.
When I went downstairs, I stepped into a wading pool in my kitchen. A broken bowl and empty sand pail served as the centerpiece to the new water park, and when I asked Ellie why she had dumped water on the floor by the pail-full, she told me that it was to clean up the lemonade she had spilled. Sure enough, half of the floor was covered in water and the other half was a sticky, syrupy mess.
Ellie disappeared while I was cleaning up the water and when I went upstairs, I discovered that my daughter could be a hairstylist for Vogue. Since I don’t own any hair-wax, Ellie figured out an alternative. She found a tube of Neosporin that I had missed in my attempt to clean up the first aid kit, and used the entire contents on her newly cut hair. If anyone is wondering what Neosporin looks like when used as a pomade, here is your answer.

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