Tuesday, June 17, 2008


We just got back from swimming, and I told the kids that they could just put on their PJ's to warm up, even though it isn't bed-time yet. I really don't care what combination of pajamas the girls put on at night, but I couldn't help but laugh when Becca explained the reason her pajamas "matched." For those out there who may beg to differ, the reason (according to Becca) this outfit works is as follows:
These pants are Hello Kitty pants, and I have a Hello Kitty coloring book. And in my Hello Kitty coloring book there is a picture of Hello Kitty working in the garden, and this shirt has pictures of the same things that Hello Kitty was working on in her garden.

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Katie said...

It's amazing how kids' minds work! They are so much more "logical" than we are!