Saturday, June 14, 2008

No News is Good News

I have to say that right now, no news would be good news, but here I am posting, and sadly, it isn't "good news."
This is a picture of Rachel fast asleep in my arms between bags of saline at Insta-Care. Yes, we had a lovely foray into the medical field today when Sarah decided to "wash Rachel's hair" with some Resolve carpet cleaner.
Apparently the pH of the solution is 12, and it was less than pleasant to have in the eyes. We called Poison Control (1-800-222-1222... yes, I have it memorized) and they had us flush her eyes with water for 15 minutes. I did, and then had to go to a bridal shower, and assumed all would be well when I got home; however, it was not to be. Her eyes were still tearing up and irritated, so I called Poison Control back and was told that I should take her down to Insta-Care.
I have to say that I was really impressed with the service we received down there. They got us in shortly after we filled out the paper work, and they were very thorough in their exams. We got to put 2 liters of saline in her eyes over the course of two hours, with the ever fun litmus-paper test right in her eyes after every 500 ml. I took the picture above between the first and second applications. Rachel screamed the entire time her eyes were irrigated (it took two nurses to hold her down while I pried her eyes open and another nurse hosed her down), but she would fall asleep immediately after each procedure.
Right now, she is sleeping soundly, which is a good sign, and hopefully we will not have to make the midnight trek back to Insta-Care tonight!

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Michelle S said...

oh, poor baby! that is just awful! what a hard thing to have to watch as a mama. hugs to you, friend.