Monday, June 02, 2008

Let Summer Begin!

We kicked off summer vacation this weekend with a little bit of 'the good life.' On Friday after school, we had some friends over for a bubble/water party. The weather was a little too cool for the kiddie pool, but they had fun with squirt guns, scented bubbles, and popsicles.
On Saturday, Greg and Grandpa took Becca and Ellie fishing while I stayed home with Sarah and Rachel. Everyone had a great time, too. There wasn't much success with the fishing, but everyone enjoyed relaxing in the boat, and the girls were in heaven holding the fishing poles.
Sarah felt a little bummed that the older girls left without her, but when her cousin Jake arrived, she was thrilled beyond words. He let her watch him play with his game boy, colored pictures with her and then they laughed their heads off at a game on the Wii where you have to pick a giant nose.

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