Monday, May 26, 2008

Peanuts & Ice Cold Rootbeer

This past week I have been trying to get some spring cleaning done, but it has been harder than I thought because my sweet darlings had other plans for the house. It started on Thursday when I was deep-cleaning the upstairs bathrooms. My girls and two of their friends came up looking like little snow-people because they had gone "swimming" in packing peanuts. As I looked behind them, I think that it was more like a triathlon because they took those peanuts all over the house.
It took me the better part of the morning to get them and the house de-peanuted. Then, on Friday I decided to continue my quest by tackling the basement. When I came up to get the girls lunch, I discovered that they couldn't wait and tried to get some root beer and a snack by using the side compartments on the fridge as a ladder, breaking three drawers in the process. Naturally neither one would admit to being the instigator, so I made them both sit on the ground next to me while I cleaned up the mess, called for replacement parts, and cleaned out the fridge. Finally, Sarah admitted that she was the culprit, and apologized to Ellie who previously stated that it was "the worst day of her life." However, when she got to go watch a show all by herself while Sarah continued to sit by me, she felt a little bit better. The good news is, I was putting off cleaning out the fridge because I have found that the girls always need something "urgent" as soon as I get everything out on the counter and when they were both sitting there with their arms folded I was able to get everything spic-and-span without worrying about what was going on elsewhere in the house :)


Maureen said...

Well at least there was a silver lining to the mess. :)

Meg said...

Pretty Loyal of Ellie not to rat out Sarah. :)