Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sci-Fi Friday!

Some of you might wonder what Greg and I do on the weekends...Well, wonder no more. Almost every Friday after dinner we pack the kids up and head over to Grandma and Grandpa's house for everyone's favorite event...Sci-Fi Friday. You may think I speak in jest, but I kid you not, every morning my kids wake up and ask what day it is. If it happens to be Sunday, they realize that they will be headed off to church, if it is Monday we will have Family Home Evening, and if it is Friday they will specify that it is in fact Sci-Fi Friday.
For any of you out of the loop, Sci-Fi Friday is the day when Stargate and Flash Gordon are on the Sci-Fi Channel. Well, my girls may not know who Dale Arden is, but they know that there is a room full of toys waiting for them at grandma's house, and a very good chance of a treat as well.
At present, the shows we watch are on hiatus, so in lieu of a night of television, we went with Grandma and Grandpa to Cabella's this weekend.
Our girls were in heaven, and Rachel learned a few new words, the most common being "DEER!" Our kiddos loved seeing all of the stuffed birds and animals, and thought it was great fun to feed the fish, but the highlight of the trip was the talking moose head. Everyone but Sarah thought it was the funniest thing ever, but I was afraid that Sarah might wet her pants she was so scared. We had to pass under the moose to get to the candy shop, and Greg finally convinced her to go under it in his arms. As they were walking past, the moose started talking, and Sarah laughed nervously, then, as soon as it stopped, turned to Greg and told him rather insistently that it was time to move along.
When we were walking out of the store, laden with fudge and candy, and happy as clams, Greg's dad asked the girls whether they preferred Cabella's or Sci-Fi Friday. They all looked at each other and Becca responded "Both are fun--this is a nice change, but I still like Sci-Fi Friday."
I guess that seals the deal-there is no going back on our tradition now!


Janelle said...

I enjoy Sci-Fi Friday as well and almost came last week. Perhaps this week? What are you going to do now that the shows are on a break?

Maureen said...

Flash! Ah-ah!

We once asked Anna if she would rather go to Grandma's house or Disneyland and she said Grandma's. She doesn't even know about Sci-Fri Friday. Grandma's is just the place to be.