Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ha Ha!

This morning was a great one for funny comments. It started out with a conversation Greg and I had. We were discussing a young man we know who is a great person, but I recently had a conversation with his mom about how expensive it has been around their house because he has been trying to be "helpful" with a few projects out of his league. Greg asked me what he wanted to do (career wise), and I responded "cause trouble" in jest. Greg looked at me with a most quizzical look and said, "He wants to be a constable?"

Then, at breakfast, Greg asked Sarah to say the prayer. We have been having some difficulty teaching our kids what needs to be said at different prayers, and lately have spent a lot of time reviewing the fact that we tell Heavenly Father that we are grateful for the food, and ask His blessing on it. So, after asking Sarah to please say the blessing, he reminded her to "say what you're supposed to."
We all bowed our heads, and Sarah gave this prayer: "Heavenly Father, you're supposed to" and closed her prayer.
Yep, it looks like we have a few more family night lessons just waiting to be given.

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