Thursday, July 03, 2008

Becca's Birthday, Swimming with Sarah, and Santa's Shower

Well, we have had a fun-filled week. Becca enjoyed having the family over for Sunday dinner for her birthday, and then got to have a sleep-over with her eleven-year-old cousin, Brynn!! I went all out with hamburgers, hot dogs and a Costco birthday cake, so it was a pretty easy thing for me. Monday I decided to take Brynn swimming. We arrived at the pool just after my mom, and started putting on the sunscreen/life jackets. My mom needed to make a phone call, and I had just put Ellie's life jacket on and went to grab Sarah's, when I heard Becca say "Stand up, Sarah."
I turned around and saw Sarah standing on the bottom of the pool. The top of her head was showing, but she couldn't get her face out of the water.
I jumped right in and pulled a rather frightened little girl out, and reminded her that this was why she should never get in the pool without me saying it was OK.
Although she was a little gun-shy to get back in the water for the first few minutes, she warmed right up to the idea, and we had a good time.
My favorite thing that has happened though, was when we went to my mom's house the other day. I just had to run something inside, so I left the kids in the car (which was parked in the driveway). When I came back (about 30 seconds later) the girls were in a heated argument. I asked what was the matter, and learned that they were trying to decide if this:

was a miniature barn used for housing the local livestock, or a shower for Santa Claus. I didn't have the heart to tell them that it was used for tools and fertilizer, so instead I just told them that unless they could see inside, they could both think that they were right.


Maureen said...

Deanne did the same thing as Sarah once when we went swimming at the Nielsen's pool. I think she was about 3. Walked right in and sank to the bottom.

As far as the shed goes, I'm sure it is really a shower for Santa. He would need one after a strenuous night of delivering presents, after all.

Emily said...

Ha! I found you!

Scary, I'm glad she was okay. Our Sarah was floating on her tummy a week or so ago and didn't know what to do. Lucky I grabbed her up!

Michelle S said...

i'm glad sarah is okay! that is a scary thing to happen!

how funny about the barn. your girls have the best imaginations.

Shannon said...

I just read about the shower/barn. So funny!