Monday, July 28, 2008

Poor Kitty!

This morning I was typing up some of my grandma's recipes (I am trying to get them all typed up by Christmas) and Ellie and Sarah were playing "kitty" outside Greg's office. I kept trying to listen to the two of them as I was typing to make sure they didn't get in any trouble, and overheard the following conversation.
Ellie: Here baby kitty. Come see Mama kitty.
Sarah: Meow.
Ellie: Here kitty. I got you a nice bowl of milk.
Sarah: (slurping sounds followed by a cough)
Ellie: Oh, Poor Kitty! You coughed up a hairball! Come see Mama kitty, and I'll make it all better.

My question is, how does Ellie even know what a hairball is? We have no cats, Greg's parents' cat stays away from the kids, and I am not really a 'cat person' so I rarely discuss cats with my kids, and never have I brought up HAIRBALLS!

Only Ellie could think that one up mid game!

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