Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Clean up!

I appologize for my lack of posting. This summer has been fun, but a little on the boring side for anyone reading, but this morning we did have one amusing event.
Becca went to day camp this morning and Ellie is playing at a cousin's house, leaving Sarah alone with me while Rachel took a nap. She was a little disappointed to be left alone while her sisters got to go play, so I told her that we would have a mommy-daughter date while her sisters were gone.
The first item on our agenda was to play play-doh. I got out our giant tub of dough/toys, and Sarah promptly informed me that I should dump them out in front of her so she could see all of her options. I did as I was asked, and she played happily with the play-doh while I picked up the kitchen. When she was finished playing, she climbed down from her bar stool and I told her that she needed to pick up the play-doh toys before she could do something else. She looked at me incredulously, and responded without missing a beat, "But Mom, YOU are the one who dumped them all out."
She graciously helped me clean up "my mess," so we could watch Snow White together, but I am still laughing at the look in her eyes when I presumptuously asked her to clean up a mess she didn't make :)

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Katie said...

Ah, the "But I didn't do it!" phrase is becoming quite popular in our house too!