Sunday, July 20, 2008

I decided this week to make every day a "staycation." We started out the week with a trip to the park, went to the zoo and McDonald's (a rare treat around here) played in the kiddie pool, rode bikes/scooters, went to the canyon, had picnics, and just enjoyed some good-old summertime fun. We had so much fun everywhere we went, but the zoo had to be my favorite. We got to ride on the new carousel and the train, and the tiger was just admitted into his play area while we were there, so we got to see him play in the water, and when my niece tapped on the glass, he walked right up to the glass and looked at us as curiously as we were looking at him. I think that the pictures speak louder than words, though, so here are some fun pics of the last few days.

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Janelle said...

Sounds like fun! We actually did the same thing this year. Rather than try to go somewhere for a vacation and deal with kids crying and whining in the car for hours, we decided to stay home and visit the local spots. Justin took a day off and we went to the Discovery Gateway and then he was going to take another day off when we found out Ivan was coming so he didn't take off the second day when we were going to go to Thanksgiving point petting zoo and pony rides.

We also thought about going to Jungle Jim's to let Tim play. Maybe another time!