Friday, January 30, 2009

Mac & Cheese

Today I hosted the mac & cheese club, and as usual it was a most amusing event. I decided that since it is only a few days until Ellie's birthday I would call today's gathering a "birthday party" & forgo the receipt of any gifts (which is my least favorite part of a birthday party).
It was a very last minute decision, so I just had a "We love Ellie" party and did a Valentine's Day theme.
I made heart shaped quesadillas, red jell-o, strawberries, and of course, mac & cheese. And for dessert I made heart shaped cupcakes that I let the girls frost/decorate.
Well, one of the girls brought a lunch because she said, "I hate macaroni and cheese." I asked her if she liked quesadillas, and she said, "No, but I'll just eat my own lunch. Another girl said that she hated quesadillas, and also claimed not to want any jell-o (or frosting).
Knowing my own girls' propensities, I decided to put a little bit of everything on each of their plates and told them all that they could eat whatever they wanted and leave whatever they didn't want.
Here is the rundown of what they ate:
The one who brought her own lunch ate about 2 bites of her sandwich, 3 helpings of macaroni & cheese and 2 heart quesadillas, a scoop of jell-o and her strawberries.
The girl who claimed to hate everything I offered (other than the mac & cheese) ate 2 scoops of macaroni, 4 quesadilla hearts, a little jell-o and plenty of frosting.

It really made my day to hear the other girls claiming not to like the food I made then eat it up because Sarah has been acting the same way. She will claim to hate something, tell me she won't eat even one bite, then, when coerced to taste it, declares (shocked) that it is delicious and eats the whole thing.

What is it with kiddos and their fear of food? Oh, well! the un-birthday party was fun & now Ellie feels like she got a real birthday party :)


Emily said...

How funny!!

Leslie said...

Hilarious. I was thinking about their "Mac and Cheese" club and how they will probably have memories of this for many years! And who may just stick for a long time!
Add some veggies in and maybe you will be every parents hero since they tend to eat whatever you give them!
"Soup Club" this Tuesday? Becky Earl's at 12:00.