Monday, January 12, 2009

Top of the Morning!

Wow! It's 8:30 and I feel like I'm about done for the day, but after yesterday's Stake Conference where President Eyring told us of President Monson's positive attitude, I am trying to stay happy even when things get a little chaotic.
Last night at 9:00 (two hours after her bedtime) Becca told me that this week was her special week and that she needed a poster this morning all about her. So, I spent the evening throwing together something that would work (we didn't have any poster board so she got four pieces of construction paper taped together). I asked her what she wanted on the board and then put it together, and it turned out really cute, I must say.
Then, this morning she said. "It looks really good, mom, but you forgot the ballet slippers"...perhaps that is because Becca doesn't take ballet, but she still wanted them. So I cut some out of pink card stock, while she got dressed. When she was dressed I told her to pack her homework, and discovered that she hadn't done it. So, I told her to get started. Of course, this week of all weeks she just couldn't figure out how to do it and needed my help.
This was when Sarah came into the kitchen ornery as a jay bird requesting breakfast immediately. I don't like to give in to my children's demands; however, I also know that if Sarah doesn't have a pleasant morning she (and therefore I) will not have a pleasant day.
Then, as I was putting Ellie's homework back in her backpack (she was supposed to turn it in on Friday, but she forgot) I realized that it was actually probably better that she didn't turn it in because she, too, had forgotten a page from her homework.
It was very humorous, I'm sure, to see me telling Sarah that we didn't have any brown sugar for her oatmeal upstairs, and asking her if she would like white sugar and cinnamon instead, counting by 3's for Becca, and telling Ellie to categorize her dinner from the other night into circles and not circles reminding her that the peas, carrots, rolls (and as she reminded me--the plate) were all circles, and that the manicotti, sauce, and broccoli (we didn't actually have broccoli, but she wanted to include it) were "not circles."
Really it is my fault...when the alarm went off this morning I was having the greatest dream and refused to get out of bed on time, so by the time I realized how much I needed to get done, it was way too late to do it all.
Somehow, however, I even managed to get the girls' hair done, pull their coats out of the car (where they left them last night) and get them bundled up before they left. On the other hand, Becca will definitely be having school lunch today.


Janelle said...

I can see what I have to look forward too ..... :)

Katie said...

And you still have time to read books? How do you do it?

Shannon Stoker said...

Oh, the chaos. I'm impressed you got it all done. Wonder-mom does it again!!!

jen said...

You are an incredible mother!

Leslie said...

Why is it that everything happens this way? We have had similar mornings and they certainly are stressful!

But, I am sure you were positive and patient as always! You are a great mom and I love learning from you. And I also enjoy seeing that we all go through the same things...just with different little personalities to deal with.