Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Rachel Rises to Become Terror Toddler!

Oh, yes...I predicted this day. After getting the girls off to school I put Rachel and Sarah on my bed and turned on the TV so that I could get a quick shower. I am well aware that Rachel's attention span for television does not exceed ten minutes, so I hustled. Sadly, I was not quick enough. By the time I got out, Rachel was COVERED in lipstick that she had pulled from my purse, which she had pulled from my dresser. She looked lovely, and laughed herself silly when she saw her reflection in the mirror on the way to the tub. (She cleverly hid most of the lipstick that is on her pajamas by covering it up with her right arm)

Well, I thought that I had cleaned everything up (except for myself--I needed another shower, but refused to take the risk & just wiped myself off with toilet paper) and didn't think much of it until I picked up Ellie. She received a coupon for a free mini pizza at school and asked if we could redeem it today. I told her that would be fine & headed off to get some cheap lunch. Well, I went to pay for the rest of the pizza and was asked for ID--alas, my Driver's License was missing. I searched through my cards (all stuck together with the remains of my lipstick) but to no avail. I am now on my bed (Rachel has gone down for a nap) and I can't find my license anywhere. Grrrr. Hmmm, hopefully it will turn up (perhaps it is just stuck to one of the other cards & I just couldn't see it).

It is a good thing little kiddos are so cute, because otherwise I don't think my offspring would make it some days. Fortunately, all I have to do is peek in at my little napper to make me forget the rest of the morning!


Leslie said...

Oh, can I relate. I had a similar experience today. See my blog for all the juicy details.
As you said, it is a good thing we love them so much. It is amazing how innocent and sweet they are when they are sleeping. Or not so amazing...

jen said... is so fun to read about now that I am far removed from that. Teens bring a different set of stresses. At least your messes can be easily cleaned up!

Janelle said...

Ahhh, she looks so sweet and innocent when she's sleeping! But you just wait....hee hee hee!