Saturday, July 25, 2009


In lieu of a trip up to Pine View (due to threatening inclement weather) we went as a family up to the canyon today for lunch. The girls had a great time playing with the cousins and we ran into our friends the Farrers/Barkers. The water in the river has slowed enough that we let the kiddos play in the river & they spent the better part of the time in the water. Here are a few pics of the day's events:
Sarah and Lindsey "skipping" rocks across the river
Lauren and Sarah floating the hollowed out "zucchini boat" downstream.
Rachel enjoying the "refreshing" feeling of cold water on her toes.
A picture from the bridge of everyone in the water.


Meg said...

I'm impressed you already have this up here. It was very fun.

DeAnna W. Packer said...

Oh for sweet memories from the bridge to tomorrow..... Love you

Janelle said...

We took our camera but didn't take a single picture, lol!