Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer Equals Popsicles

Sarah has taken it upon herself lately to be the experimental chef...and not just any chef, the Popsicle chef. In the past week or so I have found grape popsicles (water and grapes stuck in a paper cup), carrot-sicles and PBJ-sicles, but by far the most disturbing concoction was the hot dog-sicle. Oh, yeah, Sarah broke chunks of hot dog off, crammed them into a water bottle, filled it to the top with water and stuck it in the freezer.
Then, when I threw it away, she freaked out because she couldn't find her "special invention."
What she planned to do with it (other than freaking out every child in the neighborhood) I have no idea, but fortunately the 'thing' was gone long before she came looking for it (and fortunately for you, I did NOT take a picture).


Leslie said...

Hilarious! You gotta give her props for creativity!

Emily said...

She should try pickle juice!

And, hey, I used to eat frozen hot dogs. They were good!