Wednesday, April 07, 2010

And All that Jazz

We took the girls to their first Jazz game last night. As you can see from the picture, we were up in the rafters, but the girls had a really good time & the game was very exciting (the Jazz won by one point in overtime). Rachel's favorite part of the game was seeing the Jazz Bear and the "Bumble Bee!" who was there reminding us to get our baseball tickets for this season. Sarah's favorite thing was the popcorn, Ellie enjoyed seeing Ronald McDonald and cleaning out her coat pockets (she found three feathers, two rocks, a piece of bark, and a valentine among other treasures that I couldn't identify), and Becca actually liked watching the game.
We left during the fourth quarter because Rachel and Sarah were getting tired, we parked three blocks away and Rachel was starting to complain about the noise & I knew it was only going to get louder the longer we stayed.
I have to consider the night a success because when I posted the picture Rachel said, "Hey, it's the football game at the Planetarium! Where's the Bee? Can we go see him again?"


Kristy said...

So fun! We watched the game last night but didn't see you guys on the big screen!

DeAnna Packer said...

I am laughing and laughing.... think of the little goslings trailing in the Jazz Game after you
Second..because of the various reactions
Third..the highlights of the 'planatarium'...and lingering family memories....ect.

What a game to go to... (We were shouting and yelling here -- bet there it would be deafining.)

Greg and Heather...What Troopers!!!

Aimee said...

So funny! Jim read it, loved it, and reminded me to hop online an read it too.

Your experience reminds me of our bets experience at a Jazz game. I was out of town working. Jim took the three boys. Josh wasn't feeling so great and ended up throwing up in his hat. He got a new hat out of the deal so it wasn't a complete failure!