Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Rachel

Rachel turned three yesterday. It is hard to believe how quickly she is growing up. She is such a sweet girl; she continually melts our hearts.
Rachel started her morning with the statement "I'm the Birthday Girl!" and happily told everyone we met during the day that she was "Three...Not two anymore!"
Sarah had dance yesterday morning, so Rachel and I went shopping along Main Street & ended up at one of my favorite shops, "All Tucked In." The front of their store is very cute, so we took some pictures before going in to shop.She was very excited to go inside (she loves playing with their alphabet blocks and kitchen).

After dance class, I told Rachel she could choose whatever she wanted for lunch. Her excited reply? "YOGURT STOP!" Yep, of all the things she could choose for lunch she wanted frozen yogurt.
I told her that we could get yogurt after lunch, so she settled on a trip to Arctic Circle where she had a great time playing on the toys, and even managed to eat a few bites of lunch.

After lunch, we went home and were able to blow bubbles outside. Rachel wanted a bubble party & it was snowing in the morning, so I was grateful for the warmer weather preventing bubbles from being all over my kitchen floor.
Rachel requested Ramen for dinner originally, but changed her mind to quesadillas around dinner time (both options were perfectly awesome to me), and then we had "gumball machine" cake and ice cream with the family.

Rachel had so much fun...I think 3 is my favorite birthday. Everything was so magical for her. She loved her water-paints, bike, cookies, candies, balloons, and water-bottle almost as much as she loved getting a gumball from the cake :)
We are so grateful to have Rachel in our family. She is such a sweetheart. I now need to close because Rachel has been riding her bike all morning and I just can't stand to miss watching her!


Emily said...

I thought that was a real gumball machine before I looked more closely!

Meg said...

Happy Birthday Rachel. My friend Heather works at All Tucked In. It is a really cute store.

Shannon Stoker said...

Three?! Oh, how time flies. She is just so adorable -- and so is that CAKE! Amazing work, Heather. I love it. You can make Scarlett's cake when she turns 3!!!

Ms Fish said...

That first and third picture of Rachel is so stinkin' darling!!

I am blown away by that cake. seriously. sooo cooolio. Is there a solid structure in the bottom cake to hold the big jar of gumballs? wow, wow, wow.