Sunday, April 18, 2010

Some People's Children

Today during Sacrament meeting (during the Sacrament, no less) I saw something fly through the air and land with a thunk on the bench in front of us. I must confess to less than charitable thoughts toward the parents of whatever youth let something that large fly through the air.
Imagine my surprise when the woman in front of us turned around to give back a pink popper (the half of a rubber ball things that you flip inside out, set them on a smooth surface and they "pop" and fly through the air) that Becca got from school this week.
I turned to her and asked if she brought it to church and she said, "Not on purpose." Nice.

Then, as the meeting was coming to a close, Greg saw Ellie building something out of hymn books and Sarah's sandals (which she cannot seem to keep on her feet to save her life). He didn't think much of it until he saw her drop another hymn book on the stack and launch Sarah's shoes. Fortunately she didn't apply much force to her catapult and the shoes stayed within the pew (Ha-shoes in a "pew").

So, if anyone would like to come see our three ring circus, just sit close to us during Sacrament meeting. I have stopped packing a lot of distractions for my kids thinking that they were old enough to sit and pay attention, but perhaps I need to rethink my stance.

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cbpulsipher said...

I love it-it sounds just like us! We are the ward's rowdy section.