Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Potty Mouth

Today we celebrated Grandma Lavern's birthday. In keeping with tradition, we all went to her house for cake and goodies and to spend some quality time with the cousins. It was great until it came time to clean up the basement, which was a bit of a disaster by the time we got around to cleaning up. Fortunately the room was full of parents helping to clean the room, because my girls were tired and not being very cooperative with the cleaning efforts. Sarah grabbed a truck & dominoes Deanne was trying to clean up, and would NOT let go, then Becca refused to clean up another set of dominoes she was using to build a chain.
I told Becca it was time to clean up and she replied "Just a sec."
My response to her: "No, Becca. No Secs." Somehow it didn't sound the same way spoken aloud as it did in my head, and as you may recall the room was full of parents who were helping to clean. I now know why you should think before you speak.


Shannon Stoker said...

OK, this made me laugh so hard. Mental note to self: "secs" is not a word that should be said aloud (especially in front of lots of adults) because Nathan uses the "just a sec" tactic all the time.

Katie said...

Well, you were right ... at least until she is older ... and married! ;)