Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Welcome December! I am unbelievably excited for the Christmas season. I love it! We have had such a wonderful fall that I can't be anything but happy to look forward to a new season....as long as winter doesn't bring a terrible inversion come January, anyway.
I am not one to leave buying Christmas presents to the last minute, so I am always wondering what to get Greg--he is a little bit like his father that if he wants something he will get it, and I often have to put anything released around Thanksgiving off-limits until after Christmas. But, even if I do come up with something, it is even harder to surprise him because I have to tell him-don't get that game or you will have two come Christmas.
Anyway, this year I came up with the perfect gift. We have a projector in our basement, and Greg eventually wants to move it over to our unfinished section, turning it into a full theater. However, even in the meantime, Greg has often looked longingly at the movie-theater style popcorn poppers, and has said many times that he would like one.
Well, I found one at Costco that fits on the counter top, and thought it would make a great Christmas present.
I ordered it online, the bill came to my email address, and I knew I had come up with a surprise that was sure to delight and would not be discovered.
However, in that I was mistaken.
The other day, the UPS man came to the door when Greg happened to be home, and the girls answered the door. I could hear them shouting from up in my bedroom "A POPCORN MAKER! A POPCORN MAKER!"
Yes, the popcorn popper was not only delivered when Greg was here, it also has a HUGE sticker on the outside of the plain brown box depicting its contents.
Well, as Greg put it, he was certainly surprised . . . just not on the day I was hoping he would be!

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Shannon said...

Too funny! The same thing happened to me when Brig tried to surprise me with a sewing machine. It was delivered when I was home and didn't have an outside box...just the box with a big picture of the sewing machine on it. I was just as excited to get it then as I would have been on my birthday, though! So now the question -- do you open the popcorn popper now? Or make him wait until Christmas?