Monday, December 15, 2008


Saturday was our ward Christmas party. Santa and Mrs. Claus came and the girls all sat on his lap. Rachel was a little nervous, but held out for the candy cane and picture.
When we got home, I asked the girls if they liked sitting on Santa's lap. Ellie responded, "Sure, I guess, but it wasn't the real Santa."
Becca on the other hand was convinced that he was "the real thing."
When the other girls had left, I asked Ellie why she thought that the Santa at the party wasn't real. "Well, he didn't know everyone's name, his beard wasn't real, and he just put on those clothes."
I asked her if she had ever met the real Santa and she said, "no."
I asked her about the Santa at the grocery store last year who had a real beard and knew her name.
"Nope, he wasn't real either."
I asked her why.
"I could just tell."
So, how much longer is she going to believe? I have a feeling she will find out before Becca (who heard some kids on the bus discussing the fact that Santa was fake & she said that she hoped Santa would still give them presents even though they didn't believe in him).

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Shannon said...

Wow. Smart little girl you have there. She'd make a good detective with those deducing skills!