Thursday, December 04, 2008

Stop and Smell the Roses

Oh, if I only could. If anyone remembers my post, even before I was writing things I was thankful for, about being grateful for the ability to smell, I have now been without that ability for two weeks. I am also tasting very little and I must say it has been a very odd sensation. I decided to test my inability by chomping on a green onion and a piece of cilantro. The cilantro could have been lettuce as far as I could tell, and the green onion was very odd to eat because I could feel the slight burning that comes from onions, but I could neither smell nor taste anything "oniony."
Taking care of Rachel's dirty diapers has been an interesting experience as well. She has learned a new word "poopy" which is good, because otherwise I wouldn't ever think to changer her--I really can't smell ANYTHING! I even put the Vick's right up to my nose and couldn't smell a thing.
It has made the actual changing of the pants a lot easier though! I just have to apologize in advance if I get sidetracked and don't take out a dirty diaper, or don't flush the toilet after my sometimes forgetful children, because I have always relied on my nose to remind me to do said jobs.
So for everyone with a working schnoz out there, remember to enjoy the smells...and tastes...around you!


Emily said...

How strange! I hope it comes back. There was a lady in our old ward who lost her smell several years ago and she said it made it so disappointing to eat. I'm so sorry, I know I wouldn't find that very amusing!

AimBarb said...

Is it just because you are sick and congested? Have you tried putting the Vicks on the bottoms of your feet? I heard that works but I’m not sure how!

Chris said...

So what are the odds you couldn't tell the difference between an apple and a potato?

Janelle said...

That is really funny! Last year I had a sinus infection for about 3 weeks and couldn't taste or smell Thanksgiving was a bummer! Sadly enough, my taste and smell came back late that evening!