Wednesday, December 10, 2008

When Christmas Comes Early

Today could have been December 25th and my kids couldn't have been happier. Monday we finally had a decent snow storm and so I went outside with the girls to build a snowman and go sledding down the hill in our yard (a very small hill for Sarah's sake). Then, today, Grandpa W. took all of the girls to Dollar Tree and let them each choose about 10 items for their Christmas present...not only that, but he let them keep/open them all today. Oh, yes, it was like the big day came early.
We got home from our shopping trip a little before 5:00, and I literally couldn't get dinner started until after 7:00 because the girls were so excited about their new gifts (and I felt the need to supervise most of the activities).
So, what did the girls get, you might ask...well, here is a list of the highlights:
  • Bubbles
  • Puzzles
  • Magic Tricks
  • Paintable Sun-Catchers
  • Candy (chocolate Santas, Pixie Stix Candy Canes, ornaments filled with chocolates, Bobble Head Santa & Reindeer attached to jars of bubble gum, Pez dispensers & candy etc.)
  • Silly Putty
  • Stress Relief Dogs that looked like they had swallowed bones--yep, that was a highlight
  • Stamp Pads and Stamps that looked like makeup
  • Lip Gloss and other Makeup
  • Dress up accessories (shoes, earrings, tiaras, etc.)
And, had they not been vetoed and discretely put back on the shelf . . . an inscribed shot glass and pink whistle attached to a hot pink necklace saying "Bachelorette loose" and a red velour heart-shaped pillow with some serious fringe around the edges.
Oh man did my girls ever have some fun today!


Janelle said...

What a fun idea..I think I'll do that with my grandkids someday!

Katie said...

ahhh, come on! You wouldn't let them get the fringe-covered heart pillow?

Emily said...

That's awesome! What a fun idea!

Shannon said...

You gotta love kids. The best presents cost under $1. Glad they had a good time. Can't believe you vetoed the shot glass and "bachelorette loose" stuff. What a mean mommy :) Too funny!