Thursday, November 27, 2008

Google & My Girls

I had planned on only writing about my girls today, on this day of thanks, but upon entering Google, I knew that I had to write about my favorite search engine, too.
I love all of the artwork they put on Google--my favorite probably being the Olympic Rings that they had during the summer games. But as I saw today's festive Thanksgiving day decor, it brought a smile to my face.

OK, now on to the real post...Today I am thankful for my girls. Last night, Rachel proved that she was truly my daughter. She brought me a blanket and begged me to "bundle" "bundle" her up. Then, she found a book and begged me to read it. Yep, bundled up in a blankie with a good they might all look like Greg, but that is MY girl!

Then, this morning, Sarah asked me to help her get dressed. I told her that I would as soon as I put in my contacts. She said, "Mom, you can see me without your contacts, right?"
I told her I could, and she said, "But you can see me even better with them in?"
Again I said yes.
"Wow, Mom...You are AMAZING!"

Yes, I love to be told I'm amazing, and if I can be amazing just from putting in my contacts, maybe I'll wait a few more years before I get my eyes fixed!


jen said...

I just love hearing all the cute things that your girls say.

You are quite a comedian yourself Heather. You make me laugh.

Chris said...

Sorry, I only got about 1/2 of your November stuff read and I'm a terrible back reader.

Do you blog with your shoes on? :)

Shannon said...

Remember how we got our wisdom teeth out together (I'm not making that up am I?) Maybe we should do the same thing with Lasik in a few years ....that is, if it won't completely take all of the amazing right out of us. Your girls are so cute.