Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Halloween

With all of the Halloween festivities it wasn't until Becca said, "Mom we haven't carved our pumpkins!" about two hours after the Halloween party that I even thought about them. So, knowing that I still needed to make dinner and get the girls ready for trick-or-treating I decided to take a page from Pottery Barn Kids (which by the way I saw AFTER I made my crow tree & saw their crows & trees for sale at $25 per crow & $130 per tree). They also had some build your own pumpkin kits with fabric pieces attached to dowels that you stick into the pumpkin. Well, since it was Halloween day, and their kits were $25 a piece I decided to just make my own 5 cent version out of bamboo skewers and construction paper. The whole thing took me less than ten minutes (with about 10 seconds to clean up) and my girls got to stab all the pieces in to make a kitty. This picture was taken after Sarah rolled the pumpkin down the lawn, too, so it was pretty durable.
Here are my little China Dolls ready to hit the road. They used Chinese paper lanterns to hold their candy and as you can see, Rachel was the most excited of everyone to head out.
Here is a picture of dinner--Ham & Pineapple pizza. I put the ham under the cheese & used a combination of Mozzarella and Colby Jack to make the pizza a little more orange than usual.

It was a great Halloween.


Maureen said...

As always, I'm impressed by your creativity.

The girls make adorable China dolls.

Emily said...

How cute! Everything! The girls, the pumpkins, the quesadillas!!