Monday, November 24, 2008


Every morning when we are eating breakfast, Sarah asks me what the day is. She knows that Tuesdays and Thursdays she gets to go to preschool, Friday we get to have "Sci-Fi Friday" Saturday Daddy doesn't have to go to work, Sunday we go to church and Monday is Family Night.
So this morning when I told her that today was Monday, she broke out in song, with a lovely rendition of:
"This is the night we waited for
Always a treat we get from the store [always a treat we have in store]
We love each other more and more
with every family night.
Stories and things [supposed to be games] for everyone
La, la, la gospel is so much fun [learning the gospel can be fun]
father and mother daughter daughter daughter daughter (the way we sing it)
together on family night."

She repeated the song over and over, dancing with Rachel as she sang.
How can I not be grateful for a night my kids love, when we can learn about the gospel in an informal, fun way?

So, today I am grateful for FHE (even if our lessons are usually less than 5 minutes long).

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