Thursday, November 06, 2008


Greg & I made an agreement shortly after we were married essentially ensuring that we would never get a divorce. The agreement is simply, if we were ever to separate, I would take all of the computers (and computer parts) and Greg would take all of the dishes.

If this gives any perspective to the values we place on "things" dishes are at the top of my list. So here is today's gratitude list of reasons that I am thankful for dishes.

1. Dishes set the mood. I love cute paper plates at a casual setting just as much as I love pulling out the china for a fancy dinner. I love to mix and match dishes from the different sets I own to create a new place setting with a unique feeling.

2. Dishes trigger memories. When I was first married, I invited my parents and grandparents over for dinner. It was the first time I had used my china, and I spent way too long beaming at the plates glistening in the candlelight.
However, when I went to serve the food, I realized that I only had two fancy serving dishes, so I had to make due with other dishes that I had on hand. I apologized to everyone (not realizing at the time that dishes aren't as important to everyone else) that I was serving food from Christmas dishes & explained the situation.
The following week I happened to be up at my grandma's house and she called me into the kitchen. She then pulled out a series of silver serving dishes and told me that she had more than she could use, that they were just taking up space, and she would be thrilled if I would take some from her.
Now, every time I pull out those serving dishes I think of her, and I am reminded of her love for me.
3. Dishes create memories. In addition to me remembering special events when I see dishes, my kids do, too. When I pull out my Christmas dishes they remind me of various holiday parties we have had when we have used them, and when I pull a sippy cup out of the dishwasher they know if it was one that they used when they were little.
I remember my grandma having the little glass "cheese cups" and yellow plastic smiley face cups & she had a special cereal bowl I used when I would sleep over (it had a man on the bottom and I had to eat all my cereal to find him). All those dishes are long gone, but I will never forget them.

Today I am making my grandma's recipe for strawberry butter & I will put it in one of her dishes. I love thinking about her as I use the same dishes she did.


AimBarb said...

You love dishes like I love music. There is always music playing in the background at our house. Mostly when I am home alone during the day. I definately have a soundtrack to my life. Just about every song I hear brings a mamory back. I also think of food that way. I can remember special events by what we had to eat! It's amazing that I am only 30 lbs overweight!

Chris said...

That is the the most amusing agreement ever struck!

Janelle said...

I love dishes as well! In fact, I was just thinking today how I was going to pull out my china for my birthday and my brother's birthday celebration I'm hosting this Sunday!

Plus, when I got married they did not have red and white dishes so I had to special order some from Restaurant store and equipment. Now they have cute corell ones and I would love them! I also love square plates and wish I had some of those!!!