Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rhyme Time

I always find it entertaining to hear kids rhyme when they are just learning the skill. They get so excited, and in my family at least, it never fails that a naughty word or two gets thrown in. For example, today Sarah decided to rhyme with the word "sucker."
MmmHmm, that's right, Sarah introduced the "F" word into our home today....along with "trucker, cucker, blucker, gucker, and ducker."
When Ellie was learning to rhyme she chose to do so at lunch when we were eating ham, and the"D-word" was repeated about 17 times in her rhyme chain
And when Becca first started rhyming, she chose to rhyme "Pretty" which gave us a certain "SH-word" that was admittedly quite humorous to hear a 3 year old say.
I would be interested to hear if anyone ever does anything about the toddler potty mouths. I never have said anything, and the events haven't ever been repeated (other than the fact that the choice words have been repeated a couple of times in their chain), but in my opinion, it's better not to let them see that there are words that could get a reaction out of me when they are three (I fear that Ellie knows that "doggy poo-poo" and "fart" get enough reaction from me that she uses them regularly).


Katie said...

Ah, rhyming is always fun. Sadie was writing down words that rhymed with "uck" in church. I didn't really notice what she was doing until I read the one word you don't want to ever see your kids write (or say). Hopefully I erased it quickly enough that the people behind us didn't notice.

Janelle said...

I haven't really experienced this yet but Tim cannot say truck and the tr becomes an f. I hear it a lot!!!