Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Today I am grateful for hand-me-downs and for sisters-in-law who provide them and/or hunt out the uber-bargains for me.
Last night I was searching on E-bay for a Hartstrings sweater--just in case there was one that was to-die-for.
I saw one that looked just like a sweater that Laura found for me a couple years ago, and so I clicked on it. Sure enough, it was the same sweater, (she bought some for her girls, too) for sale by Laura.
I have been reflecting today on Greg's incredible family and how grateful I am for them and for all they do for me.
Today, Becca, Ellie and Sarah all happened to wear clothes passed down from Maureen, and they all got compliments on them (I would have taken a picture, but they have all since changed into dress-ups).
I am NOT a shopper, and so today I would like to pause to say thank you, not only for the clothes but also the friendship you give me.

I feel SO blessed to have such a great family on all sides.


Janelle said...

I haven't ever really seen any hand-me-downs but maybe one day? :)

Maureen said...

Oh, thanks Heather! I'm glad you get good use out of our hand-me-downs, and that the girls get compliments on them. Of course, your girls are so cute that they would probably get compliments if they were wearing brown paper bags.

It's also fun for me that we get to see some of our favorites when we visit.