Monday, November 10, 2008

Potty On! It's Potty Time!

Oh, how I love a flushable potty! This year for girls camp I went to a cabin with flush toilets. This was my tenth girls' camp and my first one with indoor plumbing. Every time I went in the bathroom I marveled at the excellence of not having to hold my nose while going about my buisness.
This is a blessing I take for granted most of the time--like when I have to scrub the bathrooms, or Rachel is playing in the toilet water; however, I can't tell you how happy I am to have the blessed convenience of running water and toilets that flush/work.
I was reminded today of a Thanksgiving day four years ago, before I started this blog, when Ellie, bless her heart, took all of my hot rollers and shoved them down the toilet.
Greg tried and tried to fix the toilet, but after about 4 attempts (and water still leaking into my laundry room) we finally called the plumber.
We were without a toilet in our bathroom for about a month (from first attempt to plumber coming) and when it was finally fixed I was about seven months pregnant with Sarah and was ever so grateful that I didn't have to run down the hall in the middle of the night when she thought my bladder was a trampoline.
Along with the convenience of a toilet, how can I ignore the blessing of a hot bath? There is nothing I like more than to sit in a hot tub and read a book. Whenever I have had a bad "mommy" day, Greg will grab the book I am currently reading (there almost always is one on my nightstand) and run me a hot bath in our "big tub." The big tub is in the basement right next door to the water heater, and sometimes as I soak I can hear the heater click on. When I do, I am grateful for the blessing of hot water that runs straight from my tap. Add a few bubbles and I am in a veritable heaven on earth!
Oh, how I love modern plumbing!

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Leslie said...

Love the 'bladder as a trampoline' metaphor. Gives quite the visual!