Thursday, November 13, 2008


Today I am thankful for McDonalds. The food is lousy and overpriced, it is always crowded, and I question the sanitary conditions every time we go, but truly, there is only one McDonalds and there is no substitute.
Growing up, visiting Mickey-D's was a rare privilege and it has remained so for my kids. I take my kids to the golden arches about four or five times a year and today happens to be one of those special times.
Greg is working at home on a presentation today and I'm supposed to get together with a friend, so, to facilitate a more quiet environment for Greg, I suggested the outing. To my satisfaction, we will be going after lunch and so I will be purchasing a cookie or ice cream rather than chicken nuggets or hamburger from the dollar menu.
Woo Hoo!
Don't worry, I will be packing the Purell (an item for which I am uber-grateful & which deserves its own blog post, but probably won't get one--poor Purell) and we will be taking baths tonight, but even if my kiddos do get sick, there just isn't a better spot to let the kids run and play on a rainy November afternoon!

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Emily said...

Fun! I wanna go!