Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Today I am thankful for Costco. I have often referred to them as "My personal caterer" and today I get to do an interview with my bro-in-law about why I like Costco. Here are a few of my reasons:
1-The Double Cart--Wow! how nice is it to have a spacious place for all four of my kids to hang out while I shop. They are always better behaved in Costco than they are in the "car-cart" at the grocery store. Then again, maybe that has something to do with reason #2 that I like Costco.
2-The Samples--Yep, nothing better than heading over to a food aisle when the kids start getting a little grumpy to get them something to munch on. And I'm a fan, too. I mean, if you get enough free samples you can call it lunch, but if the samples aren't your favorite that day, there's always reason #3.
3-The Food Court--I love the fact that I can get my kids a hot dog and drink for about half the cost of a kids meal. They love it just as much and I don't have to deal with a toy that I'd rather not have in the first place.
4-SURPRISE!--I'm not a big "shopper," but I love browsing through all of the ever-changing displays that come in at Costco. I have been able to get a lot of my kids' Christmas gifts there at a fraction of the cost it would be somewhere else & since the merchandise comes in and out so quickly I rarely have them begging for the same things on repeated trips.
and last, but not least...
5-Size & Quality Matter--I love the fact that when I buy a box of Dino Nuggets it will actually last me a LONG time. I also love the quality of their food. I have not found frozen green beans, broccoli or berries to match the quality of Costco. Their produce is also ALWAYS fresh. I have yet to find a moldy strawberry when I buy them there.
So, boring as the post may be, I am thankful for my super-store and the ease it brings to my shopping days.


Maureen said...

A agree! With our our limited shopping options in St. George, I am especially glad we have a Costco.

I have, however, found moldy strawberries. And they occasionally change their brands of frozen berries. There was one brand of blueberries that wasn't sweet at all. I stopped buying them for awhile, but they have switched and the berries are good again.

You also forgot to mention cheap gas. Or maybe your Costco is not the cheapest place up there?

jen said...

Boy, I second everything you said about Costco. I used to laugh at the "old" folks who go to Costco for their sample lunch. Now, I admit, I do it.

And thanks for you kind comment on my blog about the pepper jack soup. It's been so long that I have taken dinner to someone that I was glad to be reminded that I used to be thoughtful:)

I enjoy your blog...look forward to it every day.

Leslie said...

I couldn't agree more. I also love when you go on the right day and things are docked in price...especially the cute track suits I got for $5.00!!! They were normally $18.00. Love those days.
AND I love their return policy.
The only negative thing I can think of about Costco is that I usually leave with more than I intended. That isn't so good for the wallet.

Katie said...

It must be you taking all the good strawberries - 'cause I'm usually stuck with the moldy ones!

AimBarb said...

I also love Costco. But I can't take Jim with me. He likes to walk up and down every isle. Like you, I am not a big shopper and I try to be frugal. I like to stick to my list. Jim gets sidetracked to easily at Costco. I love the freshness of the products and It is the only place I can purchase items that are in "teenage boy" sizes.

BTW, I am loving your November posts. It definately makes your days better when you are thinking of things to be greatful for.