Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Be careful what you wish for!

This morning I tweaked my back, and so I took some Motrin, put Rachel down for a nap, climbed in bed, and waited for the drugs to kick in. While I was sitting there, I decided to catch up on everyone else's blogs, and thought blandly that I had little to write about. Just then, Sarah climbed up on my bed to snuggle, and as we sat side by side she said, "I nees towp." Obviously, I couldn't understand her, so I asked her to repeat what she had said. She got to "I" and I realized that actions definitely speak louder than words, and she had said, "I need to throw up." Well, it's amazing how little I suddenly cared about my sore back. I grabbed her, jumped off the bed, and raced for the bathroom. Sadly, in the attempt, I tripped on the sheets and landed splayed on my stomach on the floor. Fortunately, Sarah remained in my arms, and I was able to cushion her fall, but the process of falling made quite a mess considering what she was doing at the time. YUCK! So, right now I am sitting on the toilet, supervising my less than healthy daughter in the tub, and thinking that perhaps having nothing to blog about isn't such a bad thing. But now that she is cleaned up, I think I will go take a shower, too--because despite my quick efforts to clean myself up, I am not feeling "fresh as a daisy" at the moment.

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