Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What a Nightmare!

I don't know if anyone else out there suffers from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), but I know my mood is certainly affected by the weather. I don't get overly depressed, but when the weather is gray I am definitely more irritable than usual (my poor children get the brunt of that) and I have a distinct apathy for cleaning. I do the very least I can get away with--if there is one pair of clean underwear in the drawer I can justify putting laundry off for one more day. But, with the sunshine comes a renewed interest in the affairs of my life. I am much more pleasant to be around, and you would think I was "nesting" from the way I fly around my house in a cleaning frenzy (but trust me, I am NOT nesting). So with the much improved weather, I have been washing walls, cleaning out drawers, and scrubbing toilets like they have never been scrubbed before.
Such was my sheer horror when I had a dream last night that my aunt came over to see my house and it was a total disaster. I couldn't believe how messy it was. I decided to at least open my bedroom door so she could see that my room was spotless, but alas, when I opened the door, not only was it in a state of national disaster, it smelled to high-heaven of morning breath (I am guessing my nose must have been a little too close to Becca's mouth at that point since she had climbed into our bed)
Well, as truly terrifying as that dream was, I have to admit that waking up to find that my house is (for the most part) clean and tidy was quite the relief--even if I am well aware that my children have the potential to turn my nightmare into a reality if I'm not careful!

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Michelle said...

what an awful dream! i'm living the nightmare today, check out my blog!

p.s. my mood is DEFINITELY influenced by the weather - i always say that i'm a weather wimp!