Saturday, February 16, 2008

Some Like it Hot!

Tonight for dinner I made chicken quesadillas and as part of the optional condiments, I provided a bunch of pickled jalapenos. Sarah hates to be left out from any food on the table (for example the other night I made guacamole, and even though Sarah isn't an avocado fan she specifically requested some of the "yucky green stuff" on her plate), so it didn't come as much of a surprise when she said she wanted to try some of the jalapenos. We told her to start by just licking the outside, thinking it would be spicy enough to dissuade her from them, but she just smiled and said, "yum, spicy!" Then she continued taking small bites of the jalapeno through the meal.
You may wonder that a two-year-old would be willing to try, and then enjoy such spicy food, but I fear she inherited that trait from me. When I was just tiny my parents went out for Mexican food with my grandparents and my grandpa spoon fed me salsa from the table, and apparently I was a fan even in my youth. So here's to you, Sarah! Enjoy the spicy side of life!

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Michelle said...

that's a cute story...little ones never cease to amaze!