Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Day!

So, apparently leap day is officially "misunderstandings with Ellie day." As soon as I finished my last post, Ellie yelled something down the stairs. I couldn't hear her so I went up to see what she was saying. "Mom! You have to try this toilet cereal!"
I repeated her to make sure I heard correctly. "Toilet Cereal?"
"Yep! Flushed down the toilet cereal! It's so good, I can't stop eating it! Come try some!"
I raced up the stairs where she had taken into the bathroom a box of Eggo Waffle Cereal that happened to have the characters from the movie "Flushed Away" on the box. She thought it would be fun to eat it in the bathroom, fortunately straight from the box, not in fact the toilet! But I was very nearly TOTALLY GROSSED OUT!


Michelle said...

your ellie provides me a chuckle every time i read about her. she is such a character, and SO smart!

Katie said...

Man, that Ellie really keeps you guys entertained! Life is never boring at your house :)