Monday, March 03, 2008

a Couple of Funnies

At church yesterday, I had to take Rachel out (again) because she was screaming bloody-murder during the Sacrament. As I sat out in the hall, one of my friends came out with her daughter, and she said, "Shh! You need to be quiet," to which her daughter responded, "Why, because of all the people who are sleeping in there?"

Then, last night, at Greg's parent's house, the girls decided to put on a play, moderated by the oldest cousin, Brynn. Brynn said (giving Ellie her lines) "the princess said, 'aah! a mermaid!' and ran away."
So, Ellie, being an obedient actress, said "Aahh! A mermaid! And ran away!" before leaving the 'stage.'

Tomorrow is Sarah's birthday, so this morning, I asked Sarah what tomorrow is, and she said she didn't know, so I told her, "Tomorrow is March 4th," to which she replied, "March 4th! I thought you were gonna say it was my BIRTHDAY!" (I guess she did know after all!)

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