Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm lookin' over a 4-leaf clover

Happy St. Patrick's Day! This morning we were visited by leprechauns who turned our heart-waffles into shamrocks, turned our juice and syrup green, and even turned our white chrysanthemum green! I was so excited about my creativity with the waffles I had to put up a picture, and I really need to get a picture of my kids, too--they are quite into the not-getting-pinched thing, and are all in green from head to toe!


Katie said...

Heather, you are so creative. I didn't even remember it was St. Patrick's day until after lunch - even then, all I did was put on a green shirt! What a boring mom I am! Oh, you wanna know where I got the idea of having a breakfast birthday party? YOU! At least I'm pretty sure it was you who posted something about going out to breakfast with your friends for your birthday ... anyway, I give you all the credit so THANKS!!

Michelle said...

what a good mama! i had plans to do something fun for the boys, but no! nothing ever came of it! that is a darling idea.