Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Happy Birthday Sarah!

I am afraid I need to remind the community that the world according to Sarah dictates that Princess Rosella from Barbie as the Island Princess is in fact named "Barbie Island" and not Rosella. Ever since we took the kids to the zoo last year to meet Barbie, this has been her obsession. Here is the cake that I made for Sarah on her special day. Last night she saw me making a cake after we had been discussing all what kind of a cake - she knew it would be a Barbie Island cake. It was very cute to see her wake up this morning (she had climbed into bed with us earlier) and proclaim "I want to see my Barbie Island cake!!!"


Katie said...

Cute Cake! I am so impressed! I hope Sarah had a great B-day!

Michelle said...

heather, that cake is MAGNIFICENT!! you are so talented!