Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Thanks to whoever invented Girls' Night Out!

The rest of the day yesterday followed suit with my morning. After getting Sarah tucked back in bed, I climbed into the shower, only to have Ellie burst into the bathroom just as I put the shampoo in my hair to tell me "Sarah just threw up all over the carpet!" Not only was she throwing up, but my poor, newly potty-trained daughter had sickness coming out both ends every time she threw up. Yep, all I can say is 'thank heaven for pull-ups' because we used our fair share yesterday! I think we had almost ten trips to the toilet (or bowl) over the course of the day, and we made it just over half the time.
So, when Greg got home at six, with Sarah still feeling under-the-weather, but with nothing left in her system, I headed out with some friends for a night on the town. We went to Rumbi Island Grill for dinner, then watched 27 Dresses. It was a MUCH needed break, and quite likely prevented a break-down!
During the night Sarah developed a fever and was up for almost two hours, which naturally woke up Rachel, and so I was up from about 1:00-4:00 this morning, but I am happy to report that Sarah's fever is way down, Rachel just went down for a nap, and we have gone 12 hours puke free!
So, despite the looming pile of puky laundry that accumulated faster than my washing machine could take it all in, I'd have to say that, thanks to my Girls' Night Out, I am one happy camper today!

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Michelle said...

oh i'm so happy you got out with the girls! i have one planned for next week! how was the movie, by the way?

you should've called me - i was up until 3:30 myself last night with fevered, coughing boys! good times!