Saturday, August 08, 2009

Ellie's New Smile

I realize that she is six and a half years old, but for some reason when Ellie came to me this morning to tell me that she had a loose tooth I was hopeful that it would stick around for a little while because I wasn't quite ready for her to turn into a "big girl" with missing teeth yet.
But, like everything Ellie does, it was on her own time, and she wiggled that thing all day until she finally convinced Greg it was loose enough to come out, and come out it did...along with a good sized root. I'll be interested to see if she lets Greg pull any more of her teeth because it was pretty bloody when it first came out, but she is now a happy camper & she can't wait to see what the tooth fairy will bring tonight (I guess that means I'm going back to the store for the second time today)...but at least it didn't come out tomorrow...I don't think she would have been to keen to learn that the tooth fairy doesn't work on Sunday.


Katie said...

Our tooth fairy doesn't work on Sunday ... and she's a little forgetful. Sadie has had to put her tooth under her pillow two nights in a row more than once! ;(

Chris said...

Of course I'm up to date on the blog!

Aimee said...

She's also looking a little bit more grown up!