Monday, August 24, 2009

One Wild Weekend

I have published a bunch of posts (in reverse order if you start here) of the wild and crazy weekend we just had to end the summer with a bang.
Since it was our ten year anniversary, Greg took Friday off work, and we decided to get a Salt Lake Connect Pass for the family. As a quick summary of the events that are blogged, we went to:
--Hogle Zoo
--This is the Place Heritage Park
--The Lion House
--Discovery Kids Children's Museum
--The Gardens at Thanksgiving Point
--The Museum of Ancient History (dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point)
--The Living Planet Aquarium
--The Tram at Snowbird

I think I can safely say that we wore the kids out, because Sunday morning I had to take all three younger girls to the neighbor's house in their jammies because I could NOT wake them up in time to get them dressed before Greg, Becca and I needed to leave for the temple dedication.
But they all had a great time (they called it the SUPER FUN days) and I'm glad we did it.

For anyone interested, right now there is a two days for the price of one (until the end of August) and you can use the passes until the end of the year, so if you want to get out and do some fun things I would highly recommend it.

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Maureen said...

When I opened my google reader this morning and saw 8 posts, I thought what the heck has Heather been up to? Looks like it was fun, and busy. What a great way to end your summer.