Monday, August 10, 2009

Hanu Montanu

Ellie knows that her friends are fans of Hannah Montana; however, she has never watched the show herself.
Well, Greg was teasing my sister Haylee about how much she enjoys the show & Ellie went to Google on my computer, typed in "Hanu Montanu" (sounded out it's a pretty good phonetic spelling) found "Hannah Montana" on YouTube, and watched her very first clip.
I have informed Greg that thanks to that episode, we now REALLY need to password protect any computer that has Internet access.
Ellie is officially too smart for her own good.


Meg said...

Wow. I'm impressed. That she could google, play a youtube clip and sounding out Hannah Montana.

Jason and Audrey said...

scary! Oh, and by the way, the slip n slide is a 40 foot billboard from Reagan Outdoor Advertising. :)

bjohnston said...

I'm grateful to have three boys as it means no one wants to watch Hannah Montanna--Also, I prefer Ellie's character. Hanu sounds more interesting.