Friday, August 14, 2009

Hot Dogs, Saltines and Maple Syrup

And the answer to what these things have in common is...I just found all three in my bed. Argh! I was downstairs working on a chore chart of sorts for my girls and when I came up all four girls were in my room watching TV and eating cold hot dogs and saltines and Rachel was pouring maple syrup on my carpet/blankets etc. I'm not sure my bedroom will ever be the same. The girls were supposed to be cleaning their rooms, but obviously they didn't have time to do that, so Becca is currently moping in her room because a friend just called to see if she could play & I told her that she couldn't since she hadn't done what I asked.
I am just hoping that this new chore system will give the girls a little more pride in housework & prevent them from making this kind of mess. If it doesn't work I have threatened that I will eat saltines with syrup in their beds to see how they like sleeping on sticky crumbs. Moooaahh Ha Ha!


Leslie said...

I love the "Moooah Ha Ha!" I feel like that is me every day. Sometimes I think it would just be easier to live in a barn. You know, since that is also something else I always ask. "Do you live in a barn?"

All joking aside, you are a great mom and I would have flipped over the syrup in the carpet. You just need to get locks on your cupboards.

Janelle said...

You deal with more than any mom I know! That totally stinks and I think you should follow through with your promise although you'll have to clean that up also!