Saturday, August 01, 2009

Won't You Be my Neighbor

I have always been grateful for my neighbors, but today my gratitude increased greatly. We were supposed to go up to the Uintahs this morning, but Greg had to help someone move, so I stayed home with the kids, and while he was gone, a neighbor came over to tell me that a deer was stuck in my fence & I probably shouldn't let my kids outside because it was pretty gruesome (guess what my girls wanted to do as soon as they heard the news). So I hurried the girls upstairs and called Greg. He told me that he had seen the deer on his way to help with the move & called Animal Control, was told that they would be out of the office until Monday, called the Sheriff, who said we should just "take care of it" as well as we could, and told me he would deal with it as soon as he got home.
Well, a police officer came to the house, shot the deer (but according to sources didn't actually kill it) and took off. Fortunately, a neighbor who lives just up the street (they are in another ward & sadly I don't know his name) came over, along with another ward member who was helping my neighbor with some yard construction, and took care of the deer for me. They came to the door and asked me if I would just hose down the sidewalk before the mess dried...which, although not the most appealing idea sat a lot better than letting it dry on my sidewalk. So, I hosed everything down (REALLY WELL) and while I was spraying the sidewalk, my "nameless" neighbor came over and said that he also tried calling everyone he could think of concerning the poor deer, and was told that someone from Wildlife Services would be over on Tuesday to take care of it.
He said, "Perfect, we'll just tell all the little kids to step over the carcass on their way to church tomorrow" and then claimed that since he took care of the problem a lot faster than the city could that he would just send them a bill and write it off his taxes. I thought that was a pretty good idea.
All I can say, though, is that I am so grateful that I didn't have to deal with the deer on my own with my four little girls peeking out the window to watch what I was doing.
I am SO grateful for good neighbors who saw a need and took care of it.

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Emily said...

Poor deer! Aren't good neighbors the best!