Wednesday, November 02, 2011


Growing up I didn't have many cousins my own age which had certain advantages and disadvantages. I was often included at the 'adult' table for meals, I was the chosen babysitter, and always felt very grown up, but I never really looked forward to "playing" with my cousins (the only cousins my age lived in Alaska for most of my growing up years). However, my kids have been blessed to have cousins to play with on both sides of the family & they LOVE it. My girls' best friends are all cousins. We have holiday parties, birthday parties, vacations, and Sunday dinners together regularly, and just get together to play, go to the zoo or other outings as well. We had a Halloween party on both sides of the family, and I can't count the number of times I heard the girls compliment and be complimented on their costumes. There was never any jealousy, but sheer excitement for each other.
How grateful I am that my kids have been blessed with such wonderful friends in their cousins!


Haylee said...

And I'm likewise grateful for your daughters being awesome cousins to my kiddos!! They LOVE you guys!!

Janelle said...

My kids sure love cousins too, especially your girls :)