Wednesday, November 09, 2011


Last night we were able to visit with Greg's parents for the first time using Skype. It was SO great to see them and talk with them...It was hard to believe that they are actually half way around the world. What a blessing it is to live in a time when technology is "Jettson-esque" and we can see and talk to each other whenever we want.

On the missionary front, Steve and Lorna are doing great. They are jumping in with both feet and it was fun to hear how things are going. Already they have purchased a new bed and bedding, they plan to visit all the elderly ladies in their branch, they have yard projects in the works (time set aside each day for weeding and planting flowers), pruning bushes and trees, and just getting things up to par. They are getting the house sprayed for spiders (they had spiderwebs ALL over their house apparently), visiting new members and planning a service project to unite the members of the branch.

The girls thought it was absolutely wonderful to see and talk to their grandparents. It really makes them seem close when you can just call and visit whenever the time difference allows (I don't think they would appreciate a call right now since it is the middle of the night there).

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